Wednesday, June 8, 2011

bow mania!

I love doing my co-workers/friends' nails on our lunch hour every couple of weeks. I came in with my "all that sparkles" manicure and the pink bow stickers were all the rage so I did both Jasmin and Maile's nails with the super cute bow stickers.

First Jasmin's nails...

Polish: Orly Luxe
Essie Good To Go topcoat
Pink bow stickers on ring fingers with clear rhinestone in the middle

Maile's nails...

She loved the manicure I did in my first post but wanted white stamps instead of black.

Polish: Essie Turquoise & Caicos
White Konad Special Polish for stamping
Sally Girl Blue Glitter Polish 812008 (no name booo!)
Essie Good To Go topcoat

Thumb: BM09 diamond with blue rhinestone
Pinky: BM16 zebra print
Middle: BM02 lips, light blue heart decal
Index: BM19 polka dots
Ring: Sally Girl Blue Glitter Polish 812008 (no name booo!), with pink bow sticker

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