Wednesday, June 29, 2011

polish haul -, Forever 21, and drugstore brand

Here are some recent polish purchases, enjoy! They were all $5 or under...see polish doesnt have to be super expensive :)

Kleancolors 96 Vegas Night $1.75 (
 2 coats its a little sheer I'd layer it over a dark purple color

Kleancolor 94 Holo Chrome $1.75 (
2 coats very shimmery

Kleancolor 212 Pink Dahlia Twinkle $1.75 (
2 coats soft pink with multicolored glitter

NYX 242 Lapis $2.00 (
2 coats a great blue color could be a dupe for Essie Lapis of Luxury?

Milani Gem $5.00 (CVS)
2 coats multicolored glitter large and small good dupe for Lippmanns Happy Birthday

Santee M49 Soft Brown $1.00 (99 cent store)
2 coats a nice nude color with good coverage
Mood Struck Purple to Light Pink (Forever 21) $2.80
2 coats of shimmery purple

FNE-06 (Forever 21) $1.80
light sheer pink with thick silver glitter, its really chunky and rough


  1. Was shipping expensive for Beautyjoint?

  2. I paid $5 for priority shipping and it came in like 3 days.

  3. Kleancolor Pink Dahlia Twinkle is so pretty. And the rose bottle from Forever21 is cute.

  4. Im excited for the Pink Dahlia Twinkle for sure!