Monday, June 20, 2011

My first Lippmann, Im in LOVE!

I went over to my friend Andrea's house a while back to have a fun girl night with dinner and nails. She had this beautiful Deborah Lippmann color called Stardust that she kindly let me borrow and I fell in love with this line of polishes!

I've seen swatches online and was just waiting to get my very own, well today is the day. I went to Nordstrom and checked out the line for blogger So Nailed since we are putting together a nail swap, check her blog Stephanie an awesome chick from Belgium!

I got her "Glitter In The Air" which is milky white/light grey base with hexagon shaped pink and blue glitter, so pretty.

For myself I've been lusting after "Bad Romance" which is a black base with a lot of purple glitter I really love it and here it is!

1 comment:

  1. Bad romance looks SO cool on you !
    I can wait to wear Deborah Lippman ! ;-)
    Xx. S